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The Path After Chairman's

Chairman's Award Thumbnail and link to Road to Chairman's page.

Please visit our Road to Chairman's Page to see what we did to gain this award.

What MOE did after Winnning Chairman's

Last year at the first National Competition Event, we, MOE 365 were awarded the National Chairman's Award. We were, and still are, greatly honored for achieving this award.

MOE with Chairman's Banner.
MOE trapezoid.

Of course there was a celebration after we were announced as the winners. There were many smiles, cheers, and pictures.

We were also given time with Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen, who signed our Chariman's Award Medals. Our drape for MOEzilla was signed as well. We even made a trapezoid! (Originally supposed to be a pyramid.)

Dean Kamen signing MOEzilla drape.

The White House

Soon after returning to our hotel we were met by the first Chief Marketing Officer, John Marchiony, who told us about our future meeting with President George W. Bush. Surprised, and knowing how rare this occasion would be, we gladly accepted the invitation to the White House. Look at our Washington page to see more information and pictures.

Final MOE meeting at Atlanta.

The Delaware State House

MOE gathering infront of the Delaware State House.

On May 15, 2007, the Miracle Workerz were invited to the Delaware State House in Dover, Delaware. Soon after we arrived, we met with Governor Ruth Ann Minner. We demonstrated MOEzilla to the governor, and we were able to explain what first and the MOE team are. We also showed her one of our VEX robots. Minner was amazed by the Miracle Workerz' mesmerizing robots.

At the State House, we did not only meet with Governor Minner, but we also met with our District Representatives. Within the Legislative Hall, we were able to present our VEX bot and MOEzilla. We informed the representatives about the first program, and MOE 365.

Governor Minner and MOE.
Gov. Minner signing MOEzilla.

They were all proud that there were people in Delaware who could accomplish so many great things. And it was wonderful for the MOE students to be able to have such an unique opportunity to talk with their representatives.

Here are some other memories that we have from being at the State House.

MOE showing VEX bot to Gov. Minner. MOE showing MOEzilla to Gov. Minner.
Robotics Petition to Gov. Minner. Gov. Minner signing Robotics Petition.
Final picture with Governor Ruth Ann Minner. MOE in Legislative Hall.
MOEzilla performing in Legislative Hall.