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The MOE Mission

We inspire and motivate young people to pursue science and technology careers, and to become confident, independent, responsible citizens poised to make a difference in our world using a creative and unique environment that extends learning beyond the classroom.

Our Values


This is our number one rule (next to safety) because our key asset is our people. We treat others with respect, create opportunities for growth and development, recognize and follow personal considerations, and encourage mentoring even among students themselves.


We maximize effectiveness and learning through teamwork. Personal interests must not come before team goals. We try to cooperate, compromise, and discuss issues as a group. In this sense we are similar to a sports team.


We highly value our reputation for integrity, honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct. We will not compromise ethical standards or personal integrity, or act in a way that violates the principle of gracious professionalistm.

Student Focus:

We are highly responsive to and focused on our student team members and their needs. We maximize student input in all aspects of the team, from designing the robot, to building it, to strategy and scouting at events.

Bias for Action and Quality Results:

We embrace change, challenge the status quo, and take the initiative to identify and implement improvements in safety, quality, design, process, systems, and work environments.

What We Aspire To Be

Our Team Brand goes beyond "Gracious Professionalism"
and positions us long-term in the first community...
While our strategic imperatives may shift from year-to-year,
our Brand remains constant.

MOE Mission and Vision Chart